Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well I wrote a scheduled post for Cody on his birthday and for some reason it didn't post. I must have wrote the wrong date on it. So anyways, Cody turned 13 on Dec 26th. I now have 2 pre-teen, teenagers in my house. It depends on what you consider a teen.

So I just wanted to tell Cody how much I love you and how proud I am of you.

13 years ago I was chasing your brother around the house (he was only 10 1/2 months old) and we had Christmas at my Aunt Linda's house. I came home and chased Coltan around and put him on my bed in my room and started cleaning out my closet. (red flag right?) The funny thing about this day was while Coltan was sitting on my bed my phone rang and it was close to midnight. I answered the phone and the other end said "911, is there an emergency"? I didn't realize that Coltan had the cordless phone and somehow dialed 911. So I finally got him to go to sleep and finished my closet. It was close to two in the morning when I decided it was time for bed. My due date with Cody was Dec 29 and long behold, 4:30AM I started having contractions. I called Chris (he worked nights) and told him that I was in labor. I then called my mom who decided to drive over in a 1979 Corvette with NO GAS. I called Chris' mom Ann who came after Coltan. Everyone lived 5-10 minutes away from us. So Ann grabbed Coltan and took him back to her house and my mother drove us to her house to get another vehicle. My step dad woke up and drove us to the hospital. He decided he was going to run every red light because he didn't even have 700 miles on his new vehicle and there was no way we were having this baby is his new car!

I got to the hospital and was already dilated to a 7. Cody was so easy. He was delivered at 8:35AM and I was actually pushing and talking and laughing with the doctor. I remember saying to Dr Tarauno that if all deliveries were this easy I was going to keep having babies. (Carson has since changed my mind).

So Cody, there is your readers digest version of your birth story. I cannot believe that your already 13. How time flies. I look at you today and just sit in awe with you. You have been such a wonderful big brother and I just cannot thank you enough. Thank you for choosing me as your mommy.

So Cody wanted to go to Coby's Steakhouse and I didn't go because Charlie and I had a lot to do before the birthday boy arrived. Charlie and I fixed taco's for dinner so we could sit down with Carson and eat as a family. Then Cody wanted banana pudding and I decided to make a chocolate cake to go with so we all had something good to eat. Dinner reservations were for 8:00PM and Jessica and Chris brought my two and their three back to my house for cake and presents. My dad and my niece also came to.

Here are some pictures.

Here is the cake that I made and Charlie iced and decorated. I was busy making the banana pudding.

A great picture of Coltan and Cody with their brother Boe.

Cody decided to make several wishes and he blew one candle out at a time.

We asked Cody what he wanted for his birthday and he told us Coke and Fudge Rounds. So Jessica thought she'd be funny and wrapped it for him.

Here is an I-Phone for his I-Pod. Now he can listen to his music in his room while he is "cleaning it".

Cody has a Playstation 2 and a WII game and he only wanted Playstation games.

Happy birthday Cody. I hope you had a great day!


Being Brazen said...

Happy birthday to your son for the 26th Dec. Looks like he had a nice birthday. He is finally a teenager, good luck ;)

denise said...

Happy Birthday Cody!!
From: Jim, Denise, Aaron and Alec

Aimee said...

Happy Birthday Cody!!!!

Rachel said...

Looks like a good Birthday! How lovely of Charlie to come by and help out and celebrate. :)

Happy Birthday Cody!

Jaxsons Fight said...

Hi, I just found your blog. If you need any advice I used to work at the childrens hospital and I now have a son who has everything under the sun. Reflux, and a g-tube. Heart defects, and a siezure disorder from a brain injury. I would love to talk to you sometime, my email is Lacey and Jax

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Happy Birthday Cody!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time : )!!!