Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well Saturday was day 15. That means Carson's home bound for 14 days were over! So we went to Crown Center and celebrated. I left my house and went to pick up my mom, dad, and two nieces and off we went. First stop, Fritz and Co. (the train restaurant). Carson was excited the whole time and even got to eat real food. He has been on a non dairy, soft, and clear for the two weeks so today he got to eat chicken nuggets, french fries, and a chocolate milk shake. (with the thickener of course).

After dinner we started walking around the shops and bought Carson a few things that he couldn't live without. He got a cute little dog that sings a Christmas song all while flapping his ears. Then we went to the 'Crayola store and he got a big coloring book with some colors. We ended up leaving there around 6:30 and Carson was out 15 minutes later.

Saturday night Carson woke up at 1:00AM and never went back to bed. I had my niece Aspen come over around 11AM and stay with him so I could sleep for a couple of hours. Carson never went to bed until about 9PM that night and then of course we were up all night long. Carson wakes up and screams for long periods at a time and nothing I do will help him.

So Monday morning started all of this weeks doctor appointments, We went to the ENT for his post op check up and Dr N said his ears and tonsils look great. I expressed my concerns about Carson not sleeping and she stated that he is having night terrors. It is basically like sleepwalking without the walking. The child sits up and screams and hollers and isn't really awake. So since he isn't awake, you are suppose to sit and watch. Sometimes it goes on for a couple of minutes up to 40 minutes. It is so sad to know that he is going through this and there is really nothing for me to do. She said it can happen for a number of reasons starting with being sleep deprived (yup), separation anxiety (yup), or something that was traumatizing (surgery). So she said it can go on up to 1 month and if it goes longer than that, she will refer him to a child psychologist . So that is what I have been up against. Dr N said that I really should try to get some help with someone but Charlie is at the farm until Nov 24th and I have asked him to please help out but he is really involved with deer hunting. So with that said, I'll be the only one tending to Carson helping him through this.

Yesterday we just tried to work on getting him back on a routine and we will see if we can move forward.

Today we had an appointment with the plastic surgeon on his chin and I asked him if he thought this was too soon for Carson with the night terrors and he said it was up to me but why wait for them to stop and then start all over again if we push this back. He thought it would be in the best interest of Carson to get this over with and then not worry about him repeating this cycle in Jan or Feb. So surgery is still on. But he did ask if we could move it to Nov 25 (one day later) and he was very appreciative to me being flexible. I grew a whole new form of respect from him after him thanking me several times and even took the time to walk us to the elevator. What doctor does that? Pretty cool if you ask me.

Tomorrow we have to see the anesthesiologist and then we go to Occupational Therapy. Monday is back for the Pulmonary Clinic and then Tuesday is surgery. We will spend the night and we have OT scheduled on Wednesday so I'm going to see if Nancy would come up to see us.

So that is about all I know for now. I have been pretty busy with everything and cannot believe it has been since Saturday since I posted last.

Coltan came home Saturday and Cody came home Monday. Thank goodness soccer has slowed down a tad. We only have practice now on Monday and Tuesday's since we are now in an indoor fields. Of course we still have lots of games on the weekends. The boys are only on two teams for the winter so that will help out a little as well.

My goal this week is to get all of our X-mas decorations out and start putting them up. (okay Amy, you can put your tree up now. LOL) So wish me luck. I'm going to try and sneak into work tomorrow afternoon and Friday since I haven't seen that place in 3 weeks. I don't even know if everyone still works for me. :-) I think someone would have spilled that. LOL

I will try to update some more and I still have some cute pictures to post when I get the time.


Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

Well... if I lived anywhere close, I'd sure be there to help you out! However, if there is anything, anything at all that you need, please let me know! I'm really glad to hear the you're off house arrest though!

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Sounds like you guys are going to be busy now that you get to get out of the house. Well, I almost got lucky enough for Nate to finally get that buck he thinks he needs. However, he says he thinks he hit a bone and never died, or ended up going to far away to find because he couldn't find him anywhere. He even brought our bird dogs out there hoping they might be able to trace the blood. He seemed pretty impressed with what they did, but he believes the deer went into the neighboring field and it was to thick to go into (I guess, I sometimes partially listen to his hunting stories, they are kind of boring.). Well, enough of the hunting talk. I was planning on putting up our tree Saturday. I won't have time to do it on Thanksgiving or the day after so why not, right???

Hope you guys have fun decorating.

Rachel said...

Girl...I've missed ya! I'm glad your back. I'm sorry for the sleeping issues, sounds like what Melana is going thru only I dont know why other than her Diarreah or missing her daddy. He hasnt seen her in a week.

I'm glad you are able to get out now. That would drive me nuts.

Call me sometime. I'll be alone on Saturday (kids at thier dads house-all of them) so i'll be lonesome.

Talk to ya~


Mike and Gail said...

Yipee!!!Just in time for Black Friday... Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving...

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Good luck on Carson's upcoming surgery. I hope he will get back to having peaceful nights very soon, poor guy! Sounds like you've been quite the busy lady. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen Miller

lisaschaos said...

You and poor Carson just have SO much going on. :( I hope his terrors fade soon. :)

Being Brazen said...

Sounds like you had a great day out

Good luck with carsons up coming surgery.your life sounds so hectic at the moment *big hugs*