Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coltan's favorite pastime

Coltan was in a tournament a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to post some pictures. They won the first three games which advanced them to the finals and they ended up losing. They ended up taking second place which is still great to me. Great job Coltan. Mommy is so proud at how much you have advanced in soccer.
He looks like he is getting ready to fall over. I always enjoy taking these action shots because you never know how it will turn out.
He actually headed the ball on this one. He is coming back down and the ball is on it's way up. The boy in red came down and fell causing Coltan to trip over him and landing on him as well.


Bren said...

Those are awesome action shots! Hooray for Coltan!

I used to play and coach back in my old life before kids. My oldest tried it and hated it so I'm counting the days until my little guy is old enough to play.

Rachel said...

What great action shots you take! Love them!