Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

Well this is about how it went, I was up at 6AM this morning and I woke up Cody first for his shower. Next was Coltan at 6:15. Then my turn at 6:30. I put the boys on the bus at 6:55 and off to finish getting ready. After that I had to get clothes ready for Carson and make up another batch of his milk. Carried everything to the car, let the dogs out one last time and then carried Carson to the car. Anyone exhausted yet? This is all by 7:30.

After I dropped Carson off at the sitters I went to school. I was in the classroom by 8:00AM. Went through my three classes all while thinking to myself how crazy I must be and in my car by 12:30. I drove across the street to my workout place and was there for an hour(Because I'm still awake and apperantly have a screw loose).

After that I got home and took another shower and realized that if I go to work today that I will just be turning around to pick up the Coltan at school because of track. So I stayed home and did a little paperwork so I felt like I did do something work related.

So at 3:00 BOTH boys walked in and I ask Coltan what happened and he said it was going to be to much with soccer. (Thank goodness he came to his senses unlike his mother). So then it was off to drop Cody off for his carpool and then I ran through the store to buy a couple of things for spaghetti and meatballs (homemade of course, because time is never an issue). I left the store and went to pick up Carson and back to my house to start my dinner. By 7:00 I was done with dinner and started some laundry up and even emptied/loaded the dishwasher. Then at 7:30 I left to pick Cody back up at the meeting spot. After we got back home we ate dinner, did the dishes, and I re cleaned my kitchen. It is now officially midnight and I'm falling asleep while I'm typing.

Now if I can just find the energy to do 80 math problems and read chapter 1 in my history book. Anyone interested in a part time job to do my homework for me? Thank goodness I wrote my paragraph for English!!!!

Hope everyone else had a great and uneventful day!

Love, Me

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