Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend update

Well we have been busy as usual. Thursday I went to school and got loaded with homework. I had to laugh because all of the professors said "well since we have a long weekend........". I guess all the younger students can get everything done. Then Thursday night the boys had soccer practice and then home to eat dinner.

Friday I had to take Coltan to the dentist to get two of his baby teeth pulled. He has braces and the orthodontist said his two baby teeth needed to be pulled because the permanents are below and starting to go sideways. I'm totally kicking myself for not bringing a camera. I had them put him out and oh my, he was hysterical. I called his dad and asked him if he was going to be home and he said yes. I told him that I couldn't be so selfish and share this by myself. He was real loopy from the IV but it finally wore off about an hour later. He did say that his teeth bothered him later that night but the doctor prescribed some pain medicine so that helped a lot.

Charlie came and picked up Carson and I took Cody and Coltan to their dad's house Friday night and ended up going in to work for about 3 hours to catch up a little. Then back home with no kids and went to bed.

Saturday I went to work and then took Charlie and Carson out to dinner for Charlie's birthday. I think it turned out to be a nice evening. Charlie took Carson yesterday to Cabelia's and said Carson had a lot of fun. So I'm glad to see that he had a good time with his daddy. After dinner, Carson stayed with me and he went to bed earlier than usual so I decided to play catch up on some homework.

Cody had a soccer game yesterday and they won 2-1. My mom went and I did not go since I was still working. She said that Cody had the two assist for the goals and played really good. Next was Coltan's game and he tied 2-2. Apparently he got a ball in the mouth and the didn't feel so hot after that. Then this morning Cody had the next soccer game and they ended up losing 1-2. I didn't go to that one either because Carson and I went to church (YEAH). My mom said that Cody was playing a team that was older and the kept putting 2 and 3 boys on him at all times. One of the big kids 7 minutes into the game elbowed Cody and he ended up going down and they took him off. He had a bloody nose and took a while to get it to stop. Then it sounds like he may have swallowed some blood because he was sick to his stomach a little later. So my boys were really beat up this weekend.

Well we are off to the last game for the weekend. This team both boys play on so I'll have a quick update later on the results. Hopefully no more injuries......


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

And to think, you have another boy who will grow up and want to do the same things.

Pam said...

Goodness, I am glad I'm not the only one who lives in chaos.....

I need teeth pulled too.....The IV thing is sounding better and better!!


Rachel said...

Sound like my schedule these days with football.

I wanted to tell you thank you for all the kind words you have given me. I certainly see your point and I am trying so hard to view things in the right way. It is tough when you love someone than doesnt love you back. And even harder when it keeps happening. I pour my heart out to the people I love and I never get in back in return. And my Poor Kids...I hate it that they all have no daddy full time.

Thanks for being such a good friend to me, even though we've only met online...I feel like you are a wonderful friend to me!


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