Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carson's Doctor Appointment

First off, last night the boys played their soccer game and won. It was like 6 or 7 to 1. So they played real good. So we had two wins and two losses between the three teams.

This morning Carson had a doctors appt at Childrens for the ENT. Dr. Nicholas said that instead of looking into a sleep study for sleep apnea, he is already a candidate for removing his tonsils and adenoids. So we scheduled surgery at Children's Mercy (main campus) for Thursday Oct 16. Since he is high risk because of severe asthma, they will keep him overnight at minimum. She said not to be surprised if they put him in ICU for a day to keep a close eye on him. Also, since we have had 7 ear infections in 8 months, she will put tubes in his ears while she is there. We talked about waiting for the tonsils until he is a little older and just doing the adenoids and tubes but I'm kinda thinking that we should just do it all at once and that is one less appointment/hospital stay for us. So with this said, there will be 9 appointments between now and Nov 17 for all of his clinics (GI, Pulmonary, OT, Feeding Clinic, Surgery, ENT Post-op, Asthma, Pre-op, and the anesthesiologist). This does not include that the Doctor in feeding clinic could ask for more test and OT schedule him every week/every other week/ once a month appointments.

I did however finish all of my homework for tomorrow (I mean today) and I'm guessing that after class I will be loaded down with some more.

Just wanted to update everyone on Carson and hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!


Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

Good move to take out his tonsils and adenoids at the same time. They took mine out when I was 28 and it was horrible. However, my friend had her little girls who was the same age as Carson's done the same day as mine and she was up and moving around in like two days and it took me two weeks. I am glad that they want to do it now instead of when he gets older.

I don't know much about the tubes in the ears though. They talked about putting them in Ava's because she's had lots of ear infections but they wanted to hold out for a few more months and amazingly enough, she hasn't had an ear infection since (knock on wood).

I am glad that you're back in school. Although I know it's hard since I'm right there with you, it's well worth it! Loves....

Amie said...

Wow! That is sure a lot of appointments. I can relate to it in some ways because of Brody. But nonetheless, I wish you and Carson tons of luck and wish you all the best!! :)

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Sounds like Kaden's upcoming schedule. NO FUN!!! Kaden had his tonsils and atnoids removed as well. He seem to tolerate it very well. I have heard as you get older it is more painful and has a longer recovery period. When I find out the dates of Kaden's appts. I will let you know just in case we have one on the same day (maybe we can actually meet)!!!

Thinking of you all.

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

We would love for you to add our blog to yours and we'll do the same. Stay in touch!


Brian and Cassi Reed said...

That sounds great, the more prayers the better. Gearing up for surgery this afternoon. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!
Brian, Cassi and Elli Reed