Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a day

This is Daddy with Carson getting one of his breathing treatments.

Well Carson did let me sleep a little bit more today. We only got up once in the middle of the night due to him being sick. We were up at 2:30AM and back asleep by 3:30AM. Everyday we are getting closer :-). But now the cough is back and all of his congestion. I just can't seem to keep him well.

My step dad came over and painted my dining room. It looks great. We are in the process of scraping the wallpaper off in the kitchen and he will paint it tomorrow.

I took Carson over to Kelley's so I could go to work for a little bit. She did end up having to give him a breathing treatment because he was wheezing a lot.

As for Cody, nothing much to report, he had soccer practice tonight and since it stormed, his practice was moved indoors. He is getting ready for the tournament this weekend in Raytown.

Coltan had a choir concert at Lee's Summit North. It started at 7:00 and lasted until almost 9:00. It was for the middle school and high school and there were only 17 songs between all the different groups. Charlie came down to my house and watched Carson so I didn't have to get him out in this weather. Good thing. I'm not sure we would of made it two hours. So after the concert, it took 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot. Not bad huh? So we finally made it home at 9:20 and Charlie had ordered pizza.

Tomorrow will be pretty busy. Coltan and I are driving to Columbia for his tournament this weekend, Cody's Grandma Hoffman is picking him up for the weekend and Carson is going to his babysitter for the weekend. Charlie took Carson home to his house tonight for the first time ever and I felt like I was sending him off to his first day of kindergarten. I was so sad when they pulled out of the driveway. He is going to spend the day tomorrow with Carson while I'm at work and then he is going to the farm this weekend to get ready for turkey season.

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