Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy week

We'll the boys had a great and busy weekend. Coltan's team played the semi championship game and lost 2-3 in triple overtime. They did a really great job. The ended up in 4th place.

Cody's team made it to the championship game and lost 2-3. Cody had a header in that game. That would of been worth a picture!

Carson has been doing great with his asthma this week,(knock on wood). He has been pretty clingy since I picked him up from Kelley's Sunday night. I didn't work Monday or Tuesday so he had a lot of mommy time. At dinner last night he was saying his ABC's and then started counting 1-10. He has known how to count for months now because he has to take an inhaler for his asthma and we count to 10 for each puff. But last night he started counting 1,2,3,4 in Spanish. I haven't done Spanish with him in a while and either has Charlie so needless to say I was surprised and tickled that my little boy is so dang smart. My goal is by the time he gets into kindergarten he will know some Spanish and some sign language. For those of you who aren't aware, I have been teaching Carson sign language and he knows around 200 words.

Coltan and Cody stayed with their dad Tuesday and Wednesday and Coltan finally got to meet his little sister. He said the only time she cries is when she is getting her diaper changed. I told him to give her time she's just taking it all in right now. :-)

The boys will actually have a slow weekend with soccer this weekend. I think there is only 2-3 all weekend. So I'm planning on catching up at my house with laundry and such.

My step dad finished painting in my kitchen and my new dining room set has been delivered so I've got the whole kitchen in a mess trying to rearrange everything and make a little more room.

That's about it for now. I'm going to try later on to download the pictures of the hotel room. It was as big as a 1 bedroom apartment. It was really nice and reminded me of a hunting lodge. I'm also going to try to go turkey hunting in the next few days if I can work it out. I've had a few invites so I'm really hoping to go.

Last but not least, I started my diet this week and I haven't drank one Dr. Pepper. That part is killing me. I've taken Carson on a stroller ride for the last three days. Since Monday I have already dropped 3 pounds. 17 more is my goal and then I will finally be back to Pre-Carson days. Then maybe I'll look into losing 5-10 more after that. So if you see me out and about, don't try to offer me anything fattening!

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