Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend in review

Well we had yet another busy weekend. I worked on Saturday so I took Carson to Kelley's for the day. He went with her to the dodge dealership and helped her pick out a new car.

Cody had a game on Saturday with Barcelona so I took the boys to their dad's house and I finally got to meet their new sister. I held her for a little while and she is very cute. She hasn't figured out how to cry yet but give her time. So, Cody went to his game and they won 7-1. Of course Cody scored two goals

After work I went back to Raytown and picked up Coltan, Cody, Geno (my nephew), and Boe (Coltan and Cody's half brother). The boys had a fundraiser at Extreme Fitness for their Futura Futball Club to help raise money for the new uniforms. Carson and I went grocery shopping and then headed back to pick everyone up. When I went back to pick them up I collected another boy named Coleman. He likes to hang out with us regularly. We all went back home and I had a lot of help unloading the bags. After getting everything put up, the boys decided that they wanted to watch Chainsaw Massacre. Some (not mentioning any names) were screaming like little girls.

Sunday morning we got up and everyone took showers and had breakfast and then it was off to another soccer game. Coltan played with the Milan in this one and they won 4-2. Coltan had two assist with Coleman kicking one of those in and Coltan got a goal in the second half

After the game we ran home and ate lunch and then it was off to north of the river for another game. Carson was getting tired so I sat in the car for the first 15-20 minutes of the game. When I came down it was 2-1 and we were winning. By the end of the game, Juventus won 7-1. So it was a great weekend for wins!!

We came back to our house and I still had Geno (his dad is out of town) and Aspen and her boyfriend came over and ate dinner with us. Nothing fancy. I was to tired so I made goulash, fast and easy.

We finished cleaning up and I sent the kids to bed.

So, I didn't get very much done like I had planned on. Laundry, dishes and I did get most of my kitchen back in order. Maybe I'll get lucky and get it done this week.

I went to work today since our accountant will be in tomorrow to do our quarterly taxes. That is always a fun time. I did take Carson over to see his PaPa Clyde tonight for a little bit. He is looking pretty darn good and never slows down.

So as you can see, busy with soccer and uneventful everywhere else.

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