Sunday, April 13, 2008

Todays the day

Hello everyone. Since we have friends and family from the west coast all the way to the east coast, I thought that this would be an excellent way to keep everyone informed.

Coltan has been sick since last week so he has been in bed. He went to the doctor on Friday and he said it was the begining of the flu. So he has had a very uneventful weekend.

Cody was in a soccer tournament this weekend (I know shocking), and they lost the first game 2-3. My mom took him so I could go into work for a few hours but it sounds like it was better for me because she said it was so cold and it was spitting freezing rain. Only in the midwest 80's one day and cold and freezing rain the next. Anyways, his next game they won 2-0 and then had a third game this morning at 8:00AM. and they won that one as well. My Mom took him today because Carson was under the weather and we didn't want to get him out. So they won two of the three but did not qualify for the finals. I talked to his coach and he said the boys did great since they had to play up and were playing against boys that were 1 and 2 years older than them.

As for Carson, he is still battling his asthma. He hasn't had a bad flare up in about a week so that's good news. But all of a sudden today, he was running a temp. It started out at 102.6 and within 45 minutes, it was up to 104.5. Got some cold liquids in him and tylenol, motrin, and at the request of Charlie, cold wash cloths and it finally went down to 101.7 around 7:30. But at 8:30, his fever spiked back up. So, we aren't sure what's going on with him. All I know is that from 12:00-3:30 all he wanted for me to do was rock him and then Charlie got here and pretty much held him until 8:30. Not my typical energized Carson. Hopefully we'll have better luck tomorrow or we will be calling Dr Tarvin.

On a side note, Coltan and Cody's step brother was rushed to Children's Mercy tonight for an emergency ruptured appendix. They said it had just ruptured but enough to seep the bad stuff out. So he will have to stay for a week or so to get some strong antibotics. I'm wishing Gage a speedy recovery.

I will try to post some pictures in the next few days of the boys. I cannot believe how much any of them have grown. Until then......


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