Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Carson has Roseola....

Yesterday, Carson woke up at 1:30AM crying and burning up. I took his temp and it was 104.7. I worked for 3 hours to get his temp back down. At 4:00AM it finally came down to 101.7. He then woke up around 9:00AM and his temp was back up to 103.1. He started developing red spots on his neck and down his back. So I was thinking Roseola. I called Dr. Tarvin and he was double booked but he told me to bring him in at 1:30 when the office opened back up from lunch. So we got in pretty quick and yes, Roseola it is. Since Carson didn't want to eat or drink all day yesterday and was absolutely miserable, Dr Tarvin decided to give him a shot instead of prescribing an antibiotic. Dr. Tarvin wants to see him again Wednesday for a recheck. For those of you who are not familiar with Roseola, the signs and symptoms are; Irritability, loss of appetite, fever ranging from 102-106. This part runs it course for about three days. Somewhere in that time, the red spots appear. They usually go away in about 7 days. He probably picked this virus up somewhere because he was recently on steroids for his asthma flare up a week ago. Every time his asthma is real bad, we have to put him on steroids and this basically depletes his immune system and we pick up everything that's out there. Hopefully one day we will get his asthma under control.

So last night, we got up about 2:30AM and he decided to throw up all over my bed. I had to wake up Cody to help me change my bedding and help with Carson until I could get control again. Cody is a great big brother!!!!

I did manage to get a few hours in at work today. Carson's babysitter, Kelley, told me to bring him over anyways. She said that he has probably exposed the other kids that she watches. Kelley watched Coltan and Cody when they were little so she is just another extended family member. So with the long term history, Carson is the boss of all the kids and he is the "favorite"!

Not much to report on Coltan and Cody. They are just hanging out with mom being bored while we tend to Carson. I will be taking Coltan to Columbia MO this weekend for a soccer tournament with his Juventus team. Cody plays on that team as well but his primary soccer team is Barcelona. Barcelona also has a tournament this weekend in Raytown and he will stay with his Grandma Hoffman. Cody's soccer coach said Cody needs to play with Barcelona because they will already be down 3 players. So we are getting prepared for yet another busy soccer weekend.

On another note, today is my niece Emma's birthday. Happy birthday Emma.

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