Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well today was a little better........

Well, Carson did decide to wake up at 2:15AM this morning and once again, he was running a 103.3 temp. I gave him some motrin and apple juice and took a cold wash cloth to his forehead. Finally about 4:00AM he finally went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 9:00AM.

Last night, Coltan came home with a huge study guide for his science class and at 11:15PM I told him to go to bed and instead of riding the bus to school, he could finish his last 6 problems and I would take him to school. So, at 7:15, I dragged my tired self out of bed and drove him there. When I came home, I had to get Cody off to school and then get Carson to the doctors for his recheck at 9:40.

9:40AM and I'm already for a nap!!!! Dr. Tarvin looked at him and thought he was on the mend. He is still not 100% yet but everyday I'm seeing a little more energy. His appetite still is small but hopefully it will be better tomorrow. He does still have the red spots on his back and stomach and just a few on his cheeks.

So after the doctor, I took him to Kelley's and off to work I go. My "new computer" has several virus and all I did today was download the Norton 360 and scan and whatever else I could think of to remove the virus.

Coltan and Cody spent the evening with their dad. He picked them up after school and went to his house and finished their homework. They then went down to Children's Mercy to see Gage. He is still on a lot of pain meds but is slowly getting better. After that, Chris brought the boys home to me around bedtime. Oh, and this Friday night, Jessica (Coltan and Cody's stepmother) will be induced and Friday night or Saturday morning the boys are going to have a little sister. Yea, about time one of us finally has a girl!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad to see that Carson is doing better. Give me a call so we can grab lunch soon.

Love Katie B