Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally made it to Columbia

Well my day was pretty hectic. I got Coltan and Cody off to school, then I got ready and went to work. It was pretty weird to not battle Carson all morning since he spent the night at Charlie's. I did however call him twenty times to check up on Carson. He said that he slept through the night. So they played most of the day with his blocks and push cars and legos, and had a pretty fun day. I did have Charlie give him a breathing treatment because he is still pretty congested. Charlie brought Carson down to my work so I could get him back into Lee's Summit after I got off work.

I didn't get to see Cody before he left because his Grandma picked him up around 4:30 and I was still at work. Probably a good thing that I didn't see him. I'm not real happy with him at the moment. He has a real bad habit of playing with his soccer ball in my driveway and enjoys kicking it against my garage doors. I have asked him on numerous occasions to please stop before he breaks my doors. Sooooooo, he was once again kicking the ball but somehow kicked it high enough to break his bedroom window that is above the garage doors. It just so happens that Coltan was in Cody's room playing playstation when the glass shattered. Luckily it didn't come near Colt but he was definitely shaken up over it. Coltan called me and didn't tell me what had happened and put Cody on the phone. Cody acted like he didn't have a clue why he was on the phone with me so I got off the phone. Coltan then called me back to finally tell me. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with him. For those of you who don't know, this is the second time in about 3 months that Cody's bedroom window has been broken. I'm thinking that windows aren't that cheap to just keep going out and buying them every few months. My step dad came over and cleaned it out and took a storm window out of my bedroom to put in there until I get back in town.

So I got home and packed up Carson, threw Coltan and my bags in the car and we were off. We picked up one of Coltan's teammates named Coleman, dropped off Carson at Kelley's house, and went and picked up my mom. The boys were wanting Subway for dinner so we stopped for dinner and were finally on the road at 8:30.

We arrived at the hotel around 10:00 and it really is a cool place. When I originally made the reservations for the whole team, they had problems transferring me. They hung up on me twice. So the General Manager told me she was really sorry and I was joking with her and said I would forgive her if she could find us 18 rooms for our team. (Columbia has several conventions going on this weekend and this was about the 15th hotel I called looking for 18 rooms). She did have 18 rooms and gave us a really nice discount for a group rate. At the time of booking I figured Carson would be with us so I asked for a room with a refrigerator in it for his milk. Brook (the GM) said since I had been so good natured with the phone problems she would give me a suite with a fridge for no extra cost. So when we arrived the manager on duty told me that Brook wanted to upgrade me again from a regular suite to a premier suite. I was pretty impressed. That is until we used our key to get in a found that other people were already in the room. We went back down to the manager and he walked into the room looking around and said he didn't understand because no one is suppose to be in there. We came back to the front desk and found that the people in room 280 moved down to 180 but wasn't sure why. We'll I've been in this room now for an hour and can tell you why........apparently there is a cheerleaders competition in town and they are all upstairs practicing right above me. It sounds like they are going to jump through my ceiling. I just hope that since it is going on midnight that they will stop soon and go to bed. I have two boys that need rest for a big day tomorrow.

Anyways, I will take some pictures tomorrow of the room. It is the size of a one bedroom apartment. The whole hotel is themed like a hunting lodge which I love. Our room has John Deere border and a really cool picture with a small boy standing in front of a John Deere tractor so I would love to have it for Carson's room I'm also going to try to take some pictures of Coltan's games. He has two tomorrow. He has been so excited since this is his first ever out of town tournament. I'm hoping we come home Sunday as the Columbia Pride champions!

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