Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still no answers.

Well we went to the GI clinic yesterday and it really didn't go as I thought. The results of the EDG came back and his stomach and small intestines looks great. His esophagus did have some damage due to the acid reflux but only beginning stages. He said he wanted Carson to have another swallow study done (which pulmonary was doing back in early May and then she said she wanted to wait to see the EDG results), some more blood work to check the Nexium level in his blood (to rule out that he has maxed out on being treated with medicines), and another PH study (where they take out his NG and replace it with a tube similar but has wires on it. The wires set on the stomach and read any acid).

So hear is the frustrating part, Dr K said that if you did the PH study on two different days, it could show results that are night and day. So it really isn't conclusive. He said the next step is three options; 1. Take the NG tube out and replace with the the G-tube (mickey button??). His thoughts on this is that Carson is choking because of the NG tube going down the back of throat. Which he has been a silent aspirator for over a year so I'm doubting this one. 2. Go ahead with the fundoplication which he said is only going to be about a 50/50 chance that it helps him, 3. perform both.

Our plan right now is to get the PH study, swallow study, and blood work done and meet back in 6 weeks to look at the results and discuss the surgery and tube. So I guess it will be another 6 weeks of the NG tube. I know it won't happen overnight but I just wish we could get Carson to eat and get rid of the tube.

Here are a few pictures of Carson in Springfield MO from last weekend.


Phoenix's Mom said...

Hey guys! Great pics! Hope you have some answers soon. We are going to CMH in July!

Shari said...

That sounds frustrating! I would do the fundo even if it is a 50/50 chance. Really, I know this is tough stuff for you, but the button is easier than the NG tube itself. I am not trying to side with the Dr at all. I have experience with both.

Lacey said...

I don't know why they say the fundo is only a 50/50 chance to work. Everyone that I know that had severe reflux it just worked wonders for. Sometimes it comes undone, and I know a lot of people, including Jax, that have had to have it redone. but it is a fairly straight forward surgery and has a quick recovery. If he is refluxing, he needs to have it done.
Oh and Carter graduated from kindergarten.

Aimee said...

I don't know much about either other then it sounds very frustrating.

Oh... and my dog got hit by a dumb kid riding on a 4-wheeler.

Angie said...

I can imagine you are totally frustrated. Geez, I am hoping that they can get something figured out. Poor little man!

Carolina Girl said...

I know that is all so aggravating but have I mentioned lately that you have THE most adorable kid???? Seriously. ADORABLE! :)

Rachel Dominguez said...

Man I was hoping for some answers. I'm sorry you are not getting much done. At least they are still trying. I'm hoping for no Mickey button and praying all the time that he will soon start eating.

He is so dang cute in this last close up photo.

PS...I don't know why you cant see those last two pictures on my blog. That stinks.

lisaschaos said...

He is the cutest little dickens!