Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 2 of South Dakota

This is actually day two of South Dakota. Day one we played Kentucky and for some reason, I forget to bring the camera. Knowing we had guarenteed three games, I wasn't overly disappointed that I forget it. So we ended up playing and tied Kentucky 3-3. It was a very intense game.

After that, we went back to the hotel. My funds aren't the greatest so we decided to buy lots of food for this trip and eat the free breakfast at the hotel, I made us lunches most of the trip, and then we ate out for dinner. So we went back and Cody showered and then we ate lunch. Because we got in so early/late, and the game was at 8:00AM, Carson and I took a very long nap.

This tournament in Sioux Falls was suppose to generate $9.9 million for the city. So I guess because of that, they had a 4 block festival for all the teams Saturday night in their downtown area. It was a lot of vendors selling food and drinks, few t-shirt stops, and most of the businesses kept there stores open for people to shop at, and they also had a band for the adults to listen to and on the other end they had a DJ with the kids. It was kind of cool how they set the event up, kids were on one side and adults were on the other. After that, we went to dinner at Valeninos. It is a really good Itialian Buffet. We ate at one in Omaha a few years ago and I was excited to see that they had one in Sioux Falls as well.

After that we went to the Rock Falls park that has a waterfall. It was a really awesome view. I thought because of the time of night, the camera wouldn't pick up the beauty in the falls so I decided to go back the next day in the daytime.

So then on day 2, our game wasn't until 2:30. We stayed at the hotel the whole morning and then it was off to our game against KS. This also happens to be my good friend Denise's son's team. Well it wasn't the outcome that we had hoped for but it did help KS finish in second for the whole tournament. So Alec, congrats from us!! We followed you through the internet when we were in Rapid City. My phone service was terrible in the mountains so when we text you on Tuesday, it showed back up in my outbox as unsent.

So back to this game, we showed up, and just before the game started, it started pouring....hard! It lasted for about 15-20 minutes of the game. I sent Coltan out to get our umbrella that I stole from my mom and guess what? It was missing about 24 inches of the pole. It was actually pretty funny. Looked like it belonged on the top of your hat. So Denise was kind enough to stand on the enemies side and share her great big umbrella with us. Carson however had different plans and got absoulutely soaked. Coltan was soaked as well. I was just glad I didn't spend the time straightening my hair. HAHA. After halftime, Carson decided to have a blowout in his diaper. So as I was walking back towards the car, KS scored their second goal. I took Carson back and took off all of his clothes, cleaned him up, and found a t-shirt that belonged to the boys and put it on him. By this time, I could tell he was tired so I put him in his car seat and waited for the game to end.

After the game it was back to the hotel for everyone to shower and change again and since Carson was still asleep, I took advantage of another nap! The team was invited for pizza for dinner later that night. So Cody went with his team while Coltan, Carson, and I went back to the Rock Falls Park for more pictures and for dinner. I will post those on the next post.

On a side note, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Kriasten. I think that is the spelling.....

So I will get some pictures as soon as I can and post them as well. Also, My Niece Ali just celebrated her birthday and my cousin Stacy just turned 40. OMG, are we really getting that old? HAHA

Also, I'm saddened to say that Charlie's dog Brigg who just recently moved back in with me passed away Friday night/Saturday morning. Carson would always open the back door and let him sneak in or would run outside and play with him. He would tell me that he was staying outside all day long with Brigg and wouldn't come back in. So with all the above, I ended up having a fairly busy weekend!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday! Here are the pictures of MO vs KS and I started taking pictures as soon as the rain stopped so you will see the boys soaked and muddy! Cody is #3 white jersey.

Can you see all the mud on him? Makes it for a very interesting time when your out of town and the hotel your staying in doesn't have washer or dryer for public use!


kristi said...

Wow! You stay so busy. Sounds like a lot of fun though!

lisaschaos said...

Holy cow your trip sounds exhausting! I can see why naps were needed. :) Congrats on the new baby in your family!