Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jamming with the boys....

Nothing going on today. Coltan and Cody are with their father today. They have been with him since Friday but since we are going out of town next week, he is going to keep them a few extra days this week.

So I was going through some pictures today with Carson and he saw lots of pictures of "baby Carson". I showed him some pictures of his 4D sonograms and explained to him that these were pictures of him while in mommy's tummy. He looked at them and then to me and asked if he could see the pictures of him in daddy's tummy.

Then we were looking at some pictures of him from newborn to about 3 months old and he asked if we could have another baby Carson. I asked him did he mean another Carson and he said no, another baby. Uh, no sweetie, your the last from me!

These are some pictures that I took back in April. A lot has changed in just 2 months. Summer is here, Cody's hair is a lot shorter, I'm back to work......

That electric keyboard was mine so it is probably close to 25 years old. My dad found it buried in the basement at his house and put some new batteries in it and what do you know? It still works....great! Carson loves his new "piano" and Coltan and Cody were helping him out.

Um boys, could you PRETEND your having fun while I take some pictures? Finally, a smile from Coltan and Cody.

Cody with all of his hair.

Coltan only smiling because I told him he could go to the movies on the weekend.

Carson can also play horn real well.
Music to my ears...,,

My cute little ham!


Megan said...

Hey Kaci-

Thanks for the shout out on my blog. It does help immensely with the homesickness. I was just browsing your blog and wanted to tell you that you have a handsome group of boys! They look like so much fun. Nice to meet you-ish!


Aimee said...

You're such a good mom to let them have a piano. Ava's somehow broke last week LOL...

lisaschaos said...

Kids say the cutest things! Daddy's tummy - lol!

Rachel Dominguez said...

I love seeing pictures of all the boys together.

Having another baby...ummm I think not!

Last but not least, I'm so glad to see you posting again.

Hey by the way, how is it now that you are getting back to work?

Bad Momma said...

Cute photos! You need a drum set, perhaps a trumpet? .... and a set of ear plugs!