Friday, June 19, 2009

Carson goes fishing!!!

The weekend before Carson's EDG I took him up north to a friends farm. He got to see cow's, horses, go 4 wheeling, fishing, and just run outside and have lots of fun. It was a very relaxing weekend. I wanted Carson to have as much fun as he could before his procedure because I wasn't sure what was in store for him afterwards.

This is the pond that we fished on. It was amazing. Carson's very first cast ever and he caught a fish. We couldn't take the fish off the reel fast enough. He was the great catch! Stopped to pose for momma.

Looking very interested in his reel. He got it tangled and we were fixing it

He wanted to reel the fish in "all by myself"!

Finally it was getting to dark and a storm was getting ready to roll in. Very peaceful place to sit and do nothing.


Farming Fabulously said...

How fun! Carson has accomplished alot durning the last few weekends, I am sure he and mama are loving every minute of it.

GutsyWriter said...

It looks like you were there for a LONG time, since it got dark. Who took the fish off the hook? My boys loved to fish but don't do it anymore. The best place was in Cancun on one of those great fishing boats. They caught some HUGE fish. Glad to see Carson doing so well.

Shari said...

Kaci: I love that you do so much with your boys! You are such a good Mom! You have taught me a lesson or two and I appreciate you so much!

Lacey said...

I need to take the boys fishing. They really want to go. The only one thats been is my oldest.

Rachel Dominguez said...

I love these pictures. He is so darn cute.

lisaschaos said...

Boys and fish always seem to go hand in hand. I bet he had a blast!