Saturday, June 20, 2009

EEG Pics

This was from Carson's EEG that was scheduled in April. (I know, not really posting for two months got me behind in his pictures).

This test was to figure out why he was having the episodes where he was passing out. We had to keep Carson up til midnight and then wake him up at 4:00 AM. He was at the hospital by 6:30 to get started. They say when the kiddo's are sleep deprived they are able to see more on the brain waves. It turned out to be a very long and exhausting day.

This is where they were hot gluing wires into his hair. He wasn't very happy about it.
Trying to act like a brave boy.

Almost done with all of the wires.

He has about had enough here.

I got the test results back about a week later and they turned out fine. So the doctor's feel like the episodes are from his tube hitting his vassal nerve or the fact that his iron level was so low. Or a combo of the two. But the good news silent seizures!!!


Lacey said...

Yeah for no seizures. I hate EEG's. It takes days to get that crap out of their hair.

Shari said...

Yay for no seizures! Carson is such a trooper.

Lacia said...

That's grea news!

Kaia had an EEG a few months back, and I had to sleep deprive her too. That was NOT fun. She had to go to bed at regular time, then get up at 1 am and stay awake until her test which was at 3pm!!! Talk about an exhausting day!

Rachel Dominguez said...

Yay for that! PTL!

lisaschaos said...

He looks pitiful! Poor boy - glad the results were good though. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry he had to go through the EEG-but we'll say a loud MIZZOU-RAH!!! for the best results!