Monday, February 16, 2009

Carson's date on Valentine's Day

Well it happened to be another busy weekend. Chris ended up getting the boys on Friday so I didn't up having them all weekend like I first thought. So Friday night I ended up going over to my Grandpa Clydes house and also met my father and niece. We spent most of the night over there and took him out to eat. By the time I got home which was around 9:30PM, Carson had fallen asleep in the car and I took him straight to bed.

Saturday morning I went to bed around 12:45AM because of his last feed and then Carson woke up with an event around 3:00AM. He woke up and was holding his chest and crying. I recorded the event and called it in to the company. I finally got him to go back to sleep around 5:00?AM and then I was back up around 7:30AM. So Carson and I didn't do much of anything all day until it was time for our Valentine Date! We met my dear friend Rachel at a Mexican restaurant and wouldn't you know it, Carson had to show off and eat, and eat, and eat. It was unbelievable. But then to think about it, he only ate a 1/2 cup of Fruit Loops earlier so I I'm glad he did so well. It sure seems like every time pretty Rachel is around, Carson will eat.....hmmmm.

After dinner I was heading to the boys 9:00PM game and my mother called and said the tournament was 2 games behind. I looked back and Carson was just about out so I decided to head home and not stick around and watch. The boys team is average 13-14 years old and they played up on the high school level which were 15 -18 years old. They ended up losing their first game 3-5. But my mom said they did hold their own and Cody did sneak in and score 2 of the 3 goals. The poor boys didn't get home til 12:30 AM and Chris and Cody were back up at 5:00 AM for his 6AM game. Chris didn't work until 8:00AM on Sunday morning so he said he could take Cody to his game!!

So Sunday Carson and I went to church and I had Coltan and Cody stay back so they could sleep. Carson and I then went to eat breakfast with the family and Carson ate almost one pancake and some ham from my ham and cheese omelet! I was thinking maybe the medicine is really starting to work. (unfortunately that was ALL he ate all day). We then went and got the boys and they played their next game and tied 4-4. Cody again was smoking and got 3 of the goals! Coltan played very well in the back. Then they went to another game and played and they tied that team as well. 'The final score was 5-5 and Cody once again had 3 goals! Coltan played in the back again and played hard. Because of their 0-1-2 they did not advance to the finals. Overall, they did play very well considering the boys they played against were 1-3 years older than them. I was very proud of them. Some of these tournaments we play up like this. It isn't about winning, but getting a good challenge to make them stronger players.

Today All we plan on doing is go through all of Carson's toys and downsizing his very full toy box. That is probably going to be all of our excitement for the day.

Here are a couple of pictures of Carson's date Rachel on Valentine's day. I think she had the best date ever!!!


Lacey said...

Hey girl, I'm still waiting blankie pics.

Farming Fabulously said...

Wow, what a crazy/fabulous weekend you all had! It is great to hear that Carson is eating better, and awsome news that the older boys are doing excellent in soccer. Best of luck with the downsizing..

Lindsey said...

Looks like Carson had a pretty fabulous Valentines! :oP He looks so dang cute and so excited to be hugged by Rachel. I'm glad to hear that he was eating a little more this weekend.

I can NOT believe that Smoke Stacks had a fire!! The one in Martin City was so close to where we used to live and we went to that one all the time. I will have to tell my mom! I hope it recovers quickly. Thanks for telling me. Its hard to keep up with KC news from here.

Thank goodness Monday is almost over! That's the hardest day of my week. Hope yours was great!


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Rachel had one handsome date!!! He looks so cute!!!

So do you have future pro-soccer players on your hands or what??!!!

Rachel said...

Aweeee...those pictures turned out great! I stole them and am getting ready to add them to my blog. What a handsome date I had, that is for sure!

Thanks Carson for being my Valentine! Love ya buddy!!!


lisaschaos said...

The couple is so cute! Sounds like you need her to be around more so he'll eat even more. :)

Kyler's Mom said...


Its been a while since I have been able to post a comment. I have been checking in but not had time to comment. Thanks for checking in on us. Where does the time go?

One thing I wanted make know is you won't be seeing any video's of the dancing that goes on in our house. At least not my dancing!

Glad to see other children like hot dogs also. Kyler says Dot Dogs. It's too cute. I really feel for you trying to get Carson to eat more. Kyler is not a big eater but hes not a very big boy either. Any suggestions you have found to help them eat more? He will eat a bunch one day but then hardly nothing the next. But I think a lot of kids do that. We are almost to 22lbs... I don't know if we are ever goign to get the car seat turned around.

Well enought rambling. Have a good day, and weekend. I for sure wanted to say hello as I will be out of town Friday through Wed. It will be a long trip away from my boys. I have to go to Texas for work but my sister is goign to go with me. We are goind down early, renting a car and driving to Louisian where my mom and other sister live. We will be there for the weekend then back to San Antonio for my confrence. It will be fun but I will be ready to come home come Wed.

Take care.

Tracey said...

That Carson is already snagging the hearts of "older women" LOL! The pictures are great!