Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just hanging out.....on the coffee table

Carson seems to think that my coffee table is his race car track, his dining room table, his dance floor, and his personal desk for coloring. I will leave you this morning with pictures of my little ham.

We have two doctors appointments today and I will update you about them when I find out more. Please PRAY that we are going to be released from our house arrest. As of this morning I have Carson weighing in (drum roll please) 12.0. That is 26.4lbs. I have worked soooo hard to get his weight up in the right direction and I have done this all by myself (meaning I'm the only parent in his life). So I'm very proud of my accomplishments and I will be praying that the doctor will see enough progress to let him out! I will get into details after the appointment but I'm going to see if this doctor that we are seeing today will manage his NG tube and we will lose the other doctor. Again, if it goes the way I'm wanting, I will explain later. Hope you enjoy my little boy and have a wonderful Thursday.

Here he is. He thinks it is fun to slide around on the coffee table.

He is such a cutie. How can I scold him for not listening to me???

One more smile for you. He wants you to have a great day as well.


lonestar said...

He is just so cute!! Will be praying for good news at the doctor's appt.

Lacia said...

he's such a doll!

Thinking of you, and hoping things are finally looking up!

Farming Fabulously said...

You can't help but to smile whenever you look at Carson. What a great attutide. Love the John Deere shirt..

Rachel said...

What a handsome guy. He gets cuter and cuter in every picture.