Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just another feeding

What a weekend. The boys ended up finishing FIRST PLACE in the soccer tournament!! I ended up not making any of the Sunday games but my mom said the boys played great. After the game, the boys went back and stayed with Chris.

Saturday night Carson decided to go to bed around 9:00 PM but he was right back up at 3:00AM. So since I was a walking zombie Sunday, we didn't do much. What I couldn't believe was that I had tried (believe me, I tried) to get him to lay down several times to take a nap and he wouldn't budge. So he finally gave up at 5PM. I don't even think we made it out of the first quarter of the Super Bowl. So since he was out, I decided I better take a nap as well. Carson then got up around 4:00AM and I did get him back to sleep at 7:00 and then we were back up for good by 9:30AM. So as you can see, the sleeping hasn't gotten any better.

Yesterday I ended up cleaning out some cabinets in my kitchen and cleaned the whole kitchen really well. Did a couple loads of laundry (It's amazing how much less laundry I have since Coltan and Cody haven't been here for the last few days). That was about the highlight of my day.

Coltan and Cody stayed with their dad again and I called them and they were doing some homework. They had soccer practice last night and that was about it for them as well. So I guess the boring is a lot better for me right now. I have been able to get some things done and not have to worry about the boys and homework, school, and soccer. I just really need this downtime right now to breath a little myself.

Carson's asthma is getting a little better. He had several treatments on Saturday from the Peanut butter deal but I'm finally back down to his Xopenex 4 times a day. He only has two appointments this week. He will go to Occupational Therapy and GI this week.

Here is my little Porkchop taking a break while he eats. I keep telling him that as soon as he eats for mommy, he gets to get rid of that pole.


Lacey said...

Hey we have that same feeding pump, which reminds me, I need to call because my door on it broke again. Thats the only thing I hate about that pump. Have a good day. Lacey and Jax

Angie said...

Sounds like things are getting a tiny bit slower for you-keep doing great! I continue to be amazed at your ability to get it all done. What a lady:)

Farming Fabulously said...

Carson is the cutest poser ever, I love it! And huge congrats to the older boys on the soccer tournament, very exciting!

Aimee said...

He's so cute!!!!

Rachel said...

I tried commenting, but it wont let me!

I tried to say...I love Carsons smile. He seems to always be happy and I said I am so glad Chris is helping out....AT LEAST ONE DAD IS! Could you ask Chris if he'd keep my kids too so that I can catch up on my laundry (LOL).

Love ya

Carey said...

I can't believe how well he does!!! Sitting still long enough for that ... quite impressive! Way to go big boy.

Lindsey said...

Well, hello there! I am so thrilled you stopped by. Your boys a sooo adorable and sweet. It sounds like you have one tough little boy! At just my first glance at your blog you seem like one incredible mom.

My grandma taught me how to play Canasta when I was little and within the last year found out that some good friends of ours play too! I was so excited. It really is such a fun and addicting game. I will probably be like your mother and get together with ladies once a week to play. I would love to meet up in Kansas and play the beloved game. That sound so fun. Thanks again for stopping by. It made my day. :)

lisaschaos said...

He looks pretty content. :)

Being Brazen said...

I think you do need a little down time. You seem to always be sooo very busy.

Carson is so cute!