Saturday, May 24, 2008

Update on Carson

Well we made it through the PH Probe. It was a bit of a challenge. Carson got to Children's around 1:00 and got checked into his suite for the day and then they took him to the treatment room and put this wire down his nose. It goes all the way down to just above his stomach. He was not happy with that at all. Then they take him down to get an X-ray to make sure its was in the right place. Then after that, it was chase Carson around while holding a little machine to monitor his every swallow. He was put on a strict diet where he ate every 3 hours around the clock. Yes, we had to wake him up in the middle of the night as well. There were numbers on the machine and they had to be recorded every 30 minutes around the clock for 24 hours. Then, he had to lay flat from 9PM-9AM. Well, he didn't want to go to bed at 9PM so he fought us until about 10:30. When we finally got to take it out at 3:00PM on Monday. Carson has an appointment with the GI on the 29th of May and we will find out the results of his test then.

So after we were discharged from the hospital, Charlie and I took Carson straight to Wal Mart to buy him some of his favorite cars. We then went back to my house for a little bit and then decided to go grab dinner out. By the time we were home, Carson was running a fever. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday and Dr. Tarvin said his ears, throat, and lungs were fine and he just picked up a virus. So I didn't go to work until Friday because I had to ride it out with him. He is finally looking better and starting to eat a little bit.

Carson also went on Wednesday to the plastic Surgeon and he said that there is a foreign object in his chin. For those of you who don't know, last Halloween Carson was running down the hall into his room and fell and hit the corner of the baseboard just right. I took him up to Dr Tarvin's thinking he definitely needed stitches but because the incision was in the shape of a L, he decided on butterfly bandage. Well the boy won't slow down and somehow got a piece of dirt/pebble in there. So last November I had Dr Tarvin look and he said because he was such a little guy, he wanted Children's to look at him. It took 6 months to get in to see this Doctor. Anyways, they tried to schedule it down at Children's South and they anesthesiologist said no with his history of asthma, he won't touch him. He wants Carson to get his minor surgery done at the downtown Childrens. So they scheduled him for January but said that there would be lots of cancellations prior to that and I'm pretty much on a we call you, you get in here notice. So that makes me happy. The nurse also said that with Carson's out of contol asthma, he will now have to stay the night instead of being an outpatient. I guess I should be happy that they are just being safe with him.

Coltan and Cody have had a lot of soccer games this last week. They are trying to squeeze in all of the rainout games so we could finish the season. Coltan played Monday and Wednesday and Cody played Wednesday and Thursday. I cannot believe it but we have no soccer this whole weekend. The boys are in a tournament next weekend and then Cody starts his ODP in June and we will be traveling a lot for that. The ODP is a team that is formed for the whole state of Missouri. Only 18 kids from the whole state got chosen and we are honored that Cody is one of them. Coltan's dad is going to look into some soccer camps for him so he still can be active in soccer. The boys want to form a 3V3 team so if they do we will be traveling this summer for that. We will see. The cost of gas is going to be a huge decision maker.

Anyways, I have a lot of pictures but I haven't had time to download. Hopefully this weekend I can get a few of them up.

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