Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Soccer, Soccer, and more Soccer....

Well it has been another busy week with soccer. Thursday night Cody had a soccer game up north and they were winning 6-0 but we had to stop the game about 10 minutes early due to the lightening. So we rushed back down to Lee's Summit from that storm and found ourselves in the middle of the tornado warnings. On a good note, Cody scored 3 of the 6 goals!
My evening was jarred at 2:15AM with the next batch of storms going through. The only damage I could see was my screen door flew open and pounded on the porch light. I can feel lucky after seeing all the damage up north on the news.

Friday Coltan was in a tournament and they won the first game 2-0. Grandma Ann took him because it was really cold and windy and the game didn't start until 7:00 and I don't want anything to go wrong for Carson. So Cody went with them and then they stopped and ate dinner on the way home. They got home after 10 and Carson was already down for the night.

Saturday Cody had a game up north and Grandma Toni volunteered to drive that game. Cody won that game 4-0. Can anyone guess how many Cody scored??? 4! Yes he scored all of the goals. After that, they came back into Lee's Summit and I picked them up at 5:00 along with my mom and Paul and I drove the next round up north to Coltan's 7:15PM game. They ended up winning that game 5-2 and Coltan kicked a goal in just as the ref was blowing the whistle. The ref came over and gave Coltan a hug and said he was counting it!!! Coltan played really good. After that, I took my mom and Paul to a restaurant in North Town called Chapels. They have never been there and I wanted Paul to see all of the sports memorabilia. I think they really enjoyed all of the old team pictures and banners, helmets, and such. We got home pretty late and everyone was off to bed.

Sunday we had a game up north again at 2:00. I told mom I would drive and we could just hang out at Zona Rosa in between games. Coltan's team played another Lee's Summit team and lost 1-0. We had already qualified for the finals at 7:00PM. So after the game, we hung out at Zona Rosa and had lunch/early dinner and walked around. Carson was given all of his meds and I gave him his Abuteral for when he is outside and he actually had a great day considering he was outside for so long. I was afraid his allergies or asthma would flare up but knock on wood, he did great. Carson really enjoys his stroller and I think he had a lot of fun. So around 6:15 we headed back to the soccer fields and they ended up playing the same team that they lost to earlier in the day. We all played hard and had a lot of shots on the goal but they had a good goalie. At half time the score was 0-0. We got back on the field and 20 minutes into the half we finally scored. Then with about 5 minutes left of the game a boy from the other team came up and slide tackled Coltan from behind and took him out. He laid on the ground for a few and the ref ended up yellow carded the other player for an unsafe play. We finally ended that game 1-0. So, we took first. Way to go Coltan!!

Then again Monday, you guessed it, another soccer game. We played this time at least in Raytown. With the price of gas, you need a second job just for soccer runs. Coltan and Cody both played in this game and they won 4 or 5 to nothing. We came home, and I finally got to straighten up and wash something other than soccer uniforms. We had spaghetti for dinner and did some dishes and off to bed.

Today Chris has Coltan and Cody so I will get to think about other things besides soccer for the next 2 days.

On another note, Carson was sitting in my lap last night and I was rocking him. I record shows on my DVR and we were watching something and when the commercial came on he started hollering at me "troller mom, troller". It took me a second but I realized that he wanted me to get the controller and fast forward the commercials. He's just so darn smart.

We will be going to Childrens tomorrow to take the cystic fibrosis test at 10:00AM. So I hope that I will get a good nights sleep in the next few days. I haven't been sleeping very good praying for nothing but good news. As far as the other test, my doctors office has submitted the paperwork and she is just waiting to hear back from the GI and pulmonary offices for appointment times.

If everyone will just think positive and send some good vibes our way so Carson can come back with a clean bill of health on this test I would be very grateful.

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