Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meeting a blogger!

Okay, I'm so behind on blogging but hey, what's new? Haha After the new year I was so happy that I got to meet a blogger buddy and her husband. Their names are Ryan and Lindsey Ebright. They are such a cute married couple and are always having fun.

I was googling something one day on a card game called Canasta and her blog popped up. Not only does she love to play the game, she also grew up in a suburb of Kansas City. I left her a comment about canasta and we have been blogging buddies every since. Her husband and her have actually relocated to Texas so I was really honored that they took the time out of their family time to come meet us.

So we decided to meet at my mothers house and have a Canasta showdown. My mother has played the game for about 30+ years with 7 other woman and currently they still have 6 of the original ladies playing. I have been brought in to sub when one can't make it. So just to be fair, we split up with Ryan and Lindsey and of course Ryan wanted my mom and her 30+ years experience to be HIS partner. It's okay cause we ended up losing but not that far behind.

I'm going to be taking Cody to Texas in March and we are hoping to all get together while we are down there. Oh and Ryan, be ready, we won't be so nice to you next time. LOL

So of course Carson felt the need to be in the pictures with us. Lindsey and I
Aren't they the cutest couple you have ever seen? And not only do they have looks, they have great personalities. You two had me laughing the whole time.
I was upset that for some reason the only pics with my mom came out dark. So here is the best of the 3 that I had. :-(

Lindsey and Ryan, you two are welcomed back to our house anytime. Thanks again for sharing your limited time with us. I had a great time meeting you guys in person.


Bad Momma said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I've never played Canasta but I remember my grandmother being a big fan of the game.

I'll have to add this to my list of new (old) games to learn.

Lacia said...

How cool!! I LOVE Canasta! I haven't played in a few years though and not sure if I remember how.

Carolina Girl said...

How fun!!!!!!! And um, can I just say, your hair is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

danette said...

How fun! Love the pictures :)

Lindsey said...

Awwww... are you so sweet! Thank YOU for taking time to hang out with us and inviting us into your mom's home. We had such a blast and I'm looking forward to doing it again. :)

The weekend of March 27-28 would work great for us in Dallas if that still works for you. I'll go ahead and put it on the calendar to make sure nothing else comes up!