Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello strangers....

Wow, what a month. It has been a wild and crazy month in my household as usual. So where should I start?

We left town on March 28Th and I literally got my computer fixed and back the day before. My computer had over 45 viruses on it and thank goodness I had all of my pictures backed up except for Christmas, Cody's b-day, Coltan's b-day and few after that. But my computer guy is the best and recovered ALL of those and they are backed up as well! So with that said, that is why I haven't been posting for so long.

Me, just been hanging in there and keeping busy with soccer and Dr appts and trying to stay well. I have strep throat and when your taking care of others with it, no fun at all.

Coltan, well he has been driving a little bit and has probably added some grey hairs on my head. Thank goodness for hair color. LOL We were going to his soccer practice one day and I pulled over to let him drive and he did okay. Gotta work on his "going around curves" more smooth. After we pulled up to his fields, his coach was behind us and said to him, well that explains it, I thought I was following a drunk. I'm sure the more practice he gets, he will improve (I hope).

He has had 4 soccer games since my last post. They have won 2, tied 1, and lost 1. His next tournament is in a couple of weeks.

Coltan has also been out of school since Monday due to strep throat. Yup, we actually ALL have it so it has been fun.

Cody, he has also been out of school due to strep. He has been keeping me the busiest with soccer. We actually went to Dallas March 28Th-April 5Th. This tournament was the first international tourney we have ever played in. It was a really great experience. Our team really isn't healthy right now and we didn't advance but for having several boys out, we actually played really well. We currently have one out with a broken ankle and another boy broke his wrist in Dallas. We have one that recently had hip surgery and another that is only playing partial games due to an injured back. Then we had 3 more that flew home in the middle of the tourney because they had MAP testing at their schools. So by Friday our 18 man roster, we had only 13 boys playing. After the tournament, we drove to Ft Worth and spent Friday and Saturday there and ended up having lots of fun. We took in a rodeo, went horse back riding, and rode a steam engine train. Of course I have lots of pictures and will try to down load soon.

Cody was in another tournament in Kansas City last weekend and they played really well. We played a team from Topeka and won 3-1. Next we played the number 1 team from South Dakota and beat them 9-0. Then we played a very good team from Arkansas and lost 1-3. Although a boy was off sides on the second goal and our goalie really did deflect the ball on the third. But Cody got the ONLY goal and all I can say is MOMMY WAS PROUD. It was a sweet goal! We finished that tournament in 2ND place. Nice job boys.

Carson, well he just turned 4 on April 7Th! My baby is a big boy now. I cannot believe how the time flies. He ended up having a great week of birthday parties and we still have a few more things planned but waiting for him to get better.

We came back into town around 5:30AM Easter morning.....very long 8 hour drive with no sleep and a nice sunburn........and on Monday Carson was showing signs of asthma. So off to the doctor and back on prednesolone for 5 days. Now this makes it a problem when he is meeting with the surgeon on April 6th for his up coming surgery on April 12th for the permanent feeding tube. It is now off the books till we can get him ALL better. Oh and my mom is very happy about that.

So we celebrated his birthday last Wed at Waldo Pizza with some of the family. I had some other fun things planned as well but needed to wait til last weekend, and he is still waiting as well.

Friday Cody had a soccer game from the tournament and Carson's asthma was so bad that we ended up giving him a breathing treatment through the nebulizer in the car on the way home. Saturday his asthma was just as bad. Sunday we had planned to go to Chuck E Cheese, and to some stables for him to ride a horse and he ended up with 104.1 temp. He was really bad. I had to take all of his clothes off and lay cold wash clothes on him and he was so sick that he didn't even care. I finally got it down to 102 and we pretty much stayed up all night doing medicines and breathing treatments.

Monday I took him, Coltan, and myself to the Dr and yup, Cody gave us all strep as well. So he is doing breathing treatments with Combivent for the next 5 days 6 times a day. Then after that he will go down to Xopenex for 2 1/2 more weeks 4 times a day. He is also on a strong antibiotic for the next 10 days.

Carson also had his Pulmonology appt today at Children's and with everything going on, we are thinking about trying the Advair again. This is the inhaler that he took over a year ago and he started having the syncable episodes. So I told her that if I can't get a handle on his asthma over the next couple of weeks, I will call her and have her call it in. She also discussed with me doing the fundo-placation that I decided against. She thinks it would be a great idea to have that done as well because she feels that his acid reflux is probably a good part of Carson's problems where asthma is concerned. So now I'll be doing some more thinking about that. We will be scheduling another sleep study in the next 3-6 months as well as blood work to check his ferratin level and iron level again. Other than that, he looks great. LOL

So here is to another very long post but I think we are pretty much caught up now. I hope to catch up with everyone's blogs very soon. I miss reading everyone's blogs. Not having a computer for so long was like missing a lifeline!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday......


Lacey said...

Remind me if you got Carson a g-tube. If you did a fundo would be ok, and its really not a bad surgery. It seems to help tremendously too!
Your back into soccer and we are back into the baseball craze!

Wendy said...

A belated Happy Birthday to big boy Carson!

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, you have been busy. I hope the sickness will not strike your family again any time soon. You need a break! Ha!

Thanks for all your sweet, sweet comments. I am not sure what part of the Canyon we were on. I should know that!

If you think Dallas has a lot of tolls don't come to Houston. lol!

I'm sad we missed you in Dallas but I figured you were pretty busy. :)

The balloon ride wasn't really scary at all. I totally recommend it! It just so surreal.

I used my little Sony Cyber Shot that you saw at your house. I'm hoping to upgrade some time this year.

My friend's Aunt owns that house just for personal use. She's just letting family and friends stay there for now. But she should rent it out!!

Chez Elle is pretty neat place to eat. But I felt like I could have eaten two crepes!!

I hope I got all your questions. :) I love answering them. Thanks for checking in on us. Hope you're doing well.

kristi said...

Wowza, I hope you guys get better!