Saturday, January 23, 2010

Carson has pigtails???

We haven't done a whole lot this week. Coltan, Cody, or both were home everyday this week from school. Carson and I haven't gotten the flu yet (knock on wood) but Carson has had 2 asthma flair ups since last Friday night.

Cody hasn't had anything this week and he was sick on Wed and Thurs. He went back to school yesterday and is now at his dad's hopefully doing lots of homework because he has a full day of soccer tomorrow with the ODP MO state team. This is the team that only chooses 17 kids from the whole state.

Cody was in a soccer tournament last weekend and they won every game. One game the final score was 15-2! Cody averaged 3 goals a game and played awesome. They ended up taking first place.

Coltan guest played with a team from West Des Moines (yes we live in Kansas City) and Sunday night, he played one of the best games I have EVER seen him play. He ended up scoring 2 goals. One goal was right at the buzzer and he barely made it in. It was sweet! The team ended up finishing 3rd place and Coltan had a lot of fun.

Back to the West Des Moines team.....years ago, Cody and my neice Aspen traveled to West Des Moines once or twice a year. Their was a coach there named Bill who has a daughter who is Aspen's age and a son that is Coltan's age. He watched Aspen's championship game and asked her if she would be willing to play as a guest player and travel with the team. So he was coming to town to play in the tournament and called my mom to see if Coltan and Cody were available for the tournament to play on his son's team. The tourney lasted through Monday and there were a few parents that had to leave Sunday so they could work on Monday. So Coltan played 2 games Sunday and Cody played the last game Sunday. Cody was also responsible for Coltan's first goal. He got the ball to Coltan and then Colt just tapped it in.

Coltan of course turned 15 on Monday. We stayed at home and hung out. We planned on eating with the family on Tuesday. So at dinner Tuesday night, Coltan said he wasn't feeling very well. My dad didn't make the dinner because he was home with stomach flu and Coltan and Cody spent some time with them over the weekend.... So Coltan has been home since. He was supposed to have a game today but no school, no soccer.

Carson and I have been getting very serious with the potty training. He is really testing me. Last night he decided to aim in my floor vent in the kitchen and I had a really nice mess to clean up. I know Carson knows what he is doing. He has even taken off his diaper and put on a pull up to pee in that. So getting him to potty in the toilet, I'm not sure. We tried to potty train last summer and he was doing really well. He would earn a sticker and for every 10 he would get a Thomas the train engine. That worked for a while and then he just lost interest in earning trains. So I'm at a loss. Any ideas, I'm listening!

Carson ended up having a scary attack last Friday night. Thank goodness between all of his meds and having oxygen, I was able to keep him at home instead of urgent care. The weather outside was cold and it was so foggy you couldn't even see the house 2 doors down. So needless to say, I was really wanting to not get out in in. I ended up getting his left lung clear but still heard lots of wheezing in the right lung. I pushed him up to 4 liters of oxygen just to get his sats at 95. I stayed up most of the night giving him treatments every 2-3 hours just to keep the wheezes away and his sats up. I called the doctor and we have him on Prednesone. He still isn't 100% yet but we are working on it.

As for me? Well I have started seeing someone. We are taking it very slow but he is a super nice guy. I have known him for a while and he ended up moving last year on a job transfer. He decided he didn't like it as well and moved back up before Christmas. We haven't really went on a date yet but I'm always very busy with the kiddos. He stopped by after the new year and we are just kind of hanging out. He did ask me to dinner last night but you know, sick kid at home. We are supposed to go to his house today if Coltan feels better. He lives on a lot of acres and wanted to go 4 wheeling. We will also have to see about the weather. It was raining this morning and he is 1 1/2 hours south of me, so we shall see what happens. Coltan and Cody think he is cool. He plays dodge ball with them, wrestles with them, and even likes Xbox. Carson and him play trains together. Carson's eyes light up every time he walks into my house. It has been so nice to have a stable, well balanced, even tempered male in the house, even though it's every now and steps. I just don't want to rush into anything and I want to stay very focused on the boys because no matter what, they come first.

So Carson and I were messing around a few mornings ago and I couldn't resist taking pics of his cute little face. He brought me two rubber bands and told me he wanted pig tails. He then went into the bathroom and laughed and said, mom, I look soooo silly. Then he brought me the camera. I guess this is a clue, he is ready for a hair cut.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Lacey said...

At least he lets you put pigtails in. I had to chase Carter to let me play. Hopefully soon I'll have my little girl to play with!

brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Hope the boys feel better soon, though.

Nice pigtails....blackmail pictures are the best! :)

Bad Momma said...

Very cute pigtail pic! Good luck with the potty training! Can't believe he peed in the kitchen floor vent. Fun times!

If you are brave, you could try keeping him in underwear during the day. Lots of laundry at 1st but this worked with my youngest.

Congrats on getting back into the dating scene. Hope you are able to get in a little "me" time.

Julie said...

Aw, you should read him some Pippy Longstockings. :) What a cutie.

Being Brazen said...

that pigtails picture is so funny and cute

Lindsey said...

Carson is so cute!!

I want to hear more about this mystery man. :)

lisaschaos said...

That's flipping cute!

Carolina Girl said...

Bahahahahah That's adorable!!!!

GutsyWriter said...

Wishing you the best with your new relationship. Carson looks very funny with pigtails.