Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Pics

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We have been very busy with soccer, hospital visits, illnesses, and all the other things that goes along with the busy mom job.

Coltan has just finished up his JV soccer and they did very well. They won 14, tied 6, and lost 2. I think that is a pretty awesome season. I have seen him play even better this year with his new coach. He played mid and forward mostly and did a heck of a job.

Cody has been to St Louis, Wichita, and Memphis since my last post. He has been playing very well and we have moved up in our national and regional stats. I have some pictures for later posts to show everyone.

Carson has been keeping me busy with H1N1, impetigo, staph infection, and we were recently released from the hospital after staying for a few days with problems with his asthma.

I will post later on all of the above and wanted to keep this post dedicated to the things I'm thankful for.

First and foremost, I'm thankful that I have been blessed with three wonderful boys. I love them more and more everyday.

I'm also thankful for my parents. My mother has been such a backbone for me to help me deal with day to day problems associated with life. My stepfather has also been a huge help. He is always at my house fixing something or lifting things for me. They have also made it possible for me to travel with Cody on his soccer tournaments.

I'm thankful for the rest of my family as well. We have a large family. My aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews all live close by so there are several family members to mention.

I'm thankful that I have God in my life. I had quite the scare with Carson last week and I'm so glad he was looking over us and gave the medical personal the wisdom to know what to look for and treat him very fast. Carson's right lung was completely diminished and it was a matter of time before he was going to be in serious trouble. The doctor we had was asthmatic herself and took extra care with him. Then after being admitted, we had a doctor that spent several hours at a time in our room with us. I have never seen that before and was so thankful that he was willing to spend that extra time with my son.

Here are some of the pictures of the family. This first one is my sister, three of her five children, her boyfriend and his parents.

Here are two of my nieces. Emma and my nephew Geno went with their dad out of town to his family. Carson was so proud to take a picture with his Apie and Ali.
Here is Carson's favorite Grandma. She always brings him Thomas the Trains. He really likes his Papa as well.
Here is a 4 generation picture. My grandfather, father, sister and I, and 4 of our 8 kids.

My three boys and I. Not very often that I have all three of them with the Coltan and Cody's soccer and social lives.
Aspen spends a lot of time with us and I'm not sure if Carson realizes she is his cousin. I think he thinks she is his sister.
Pics with the grandparents.


Lacey said...

Beautiful pics. Glad Carson is doing better. With my asthmatics, I had my doc give me duo neb instead of regular albuterol. When they are having problems the albuterol works for about 30 seconds. I have to always make sure I have it in the house. You never know when these asthmatics are going to cause trouble.

Mike and Gail said...

Hello, Thanks for stopping by. Love the family pics. looks like you guys all had a great time. :D

Lindsey said...

Looks like you had a great time! Such a beautiful family. I'm glad you are in some of the pictures! You never are. :)